Assessment of the Various Parts Fitted


CB 12mm 292deg cams - 4/5. Great torque and good power and generally pretty tractable. Good trackday not a race cam.

45 DCOE Dell'Ortos - 5/5. These have been great. Only really needed above about 165bhp though

Skimmed head, high compression pistons - 5/5. Easy and delivers more power

Lightened flywheel (Alfaholics unit) - 5/5. Again, another essential for a quick engine but do it well or buy a good one.

Well-built engine - ported/balanced - 4/5. My Jamie Porter built unit has been generally great and robust - not quite the power promised

Swivelling trumpets - 3/5. Look and sound great but expensive and not optimal for top-end power.

Tubular 4-2-1 stainless exhaust (Alfaholics) - 5/5. Can't say how much power this delivers but robust and easy to fit

Bosch 4 electrode plugs - 5/5. Available from Halfords and very reliable - engine likes them more than NGK.

Omex rev limiter/shift light - 5/5. Wish I'd fitted this before I blew the engine - essential to my mind. Love the shift light too.

Red Top Electric fuel pump - 3/5. Had one fail and not convinced it's essential for the power I have.

Mocal oil cooler - 5/5. Essential for track use to keep that oil temperature under control

Brunswick Automotive engine, built by Dave Ashford. Utterly superb - he’s a man who knows how to build a quick engine and totally stand by what he’s built - 6/5


Standard 5-speed gearbox - 5/5. Perfect for fast road use. Short-5th is only necessary for track use,

4.7:1 Race "Gripper"LSD - 5/5. Possibly the best modification after the Watts linkage. An LSD is utterly essential for a track car and the gripper is very robust. The shorter ratio really gives the car "bite".

Alfaholics aluminium donut conversion - 5/5. This is worthwhile if only because it makes getting the engine/gearbox in and out so much easier. Donut replacement? Forget it.


Alfaholics front race spring conversion - 5/5. Easy to fit and adjust and much reduced unsprung mass.

S4 front anti-roll bar and rose-jointed drop-links - 5/5. Again, very easy to fit and to dial-out any residual tension.

Alfaholics "Low" rear springs - 4/5. Worthwhile but should have been even lower - I've trimmed mine and I know I'm not the only one...

Rear anti-roll bar removed - 5/5. Free conversion and makes the rear of the car much more friendly.

Bilstein Sports shocks - 4/5. Great fast road/trackday set-up - very expensive adjustable dampers would be better for racing.

7x14 GTA Replica alloy wheels - 4/5. Very good looking and very well made. 15" would be much better as 14" tyres are getting hard to find.

Adjustable top arms - 4/5. Not cheap but ideal for setting up though there are cheaper ways of achieving the same result.

Watts linkage, Alfaholics - 6/5. Alfa finally fitted this to the Alfetta but it’s a fabulous mod for the Giulia, lowering the rear roll centre and improving cornering no end

Alfaholics front geometry kit - 4/5. Impressive change to the front end of the car, giving it epic grip. The only issue is that this comes at the expense of F-R balance - requiring 1200lbs springs. The car was ultimately no quicker at Knockhill but faster in the faster corners and slowing coming out the slow corners


Alfaholics 4-pot alloy front calipers - 4/5. Uprated brakes are great and I like these a lot. My only frustration is the limited pads I can use with them (No Ferodo DS3000 for instance)

Race master cylinder - 5/5. Does away with those very poor replica units on sale these days and adjustable in bore for cheap replacement

No servo - 4/5. A bit hard-core for many. I like it but it has been a bit of a compromise that some might not put up with. Easily reversible though.

Braided brake flexi lines - 5/5. Just do it.

Ferodo DS2500 pads - 5/5 Great trackday and fast-road pads.

Tilton brake balance valve - 4/5. A manual balance valve is essential for track use. A lever-type unit may have been better than the knob-type that I fitted.

Alfaholics 6-pot calipers - 4/5. Not cheap but very powerful and can use DS3000 pads.


Yokohama Advans 048R 195/60 R14 tyres - 4/5. Only available in "Medium" compound in this size but then pretty much the only tyre of it's sort in this size


Glass fibre doors - 4/5. Fantastic weight-saving but with the obvious reduction in driver protection - only used with full cage with door bars.

GRP boot & bonnet - 5/5. Excellent weight-saving with no downside.

Lexan side and rear windows - 4/5. Again, excellent weight-saving though flexibility can be an issue. Rear screen can pop out so ensure it's well secured


Glass fibre GTA "Autodelta" dash - 2/5. Difficult to fit, expensive and of minimal weight-saving. Might save chopping up a rare dash.

Fabricage roll cage - 3/5. Was good value and customised for my car. Door bars could/should be higher and a belt bar would have been useful. Like the Alfohics one more.

Sparco Evo II race seat - 3/5. Comfortable fit for my hips and shoulders. Bit of a squeeze into the car and not especially well made.

Shroth harnesses - 5/5. Excellent quality, easy to adjust shoulder straps, great buckle.

Red Top 25 race battery - 4/5. Saves lots of weight and lots of cranking capacity. Had a few fail internally but might not have been a faulty battery.

Aluminium foam-filled fuel tank - 3/5. Having no level sender is a bit of an issue. The idea is great though as is the positioning.

Plumbed-in 4 litre extinguisher - 5/5. Essential for competition use. Relatively easy to fit.

Sparco race steering wheel - 3/5. Great concept. Would be better without the silly push-buttons which break off from time-to-time