Transformation of a 1969 Giulia GTJ to a GTA replica

Here's some pictures of the work


Chopped out wheel arch

Horrible sill - someone had spent a lot of time patching this badly

Interior out - one floorpan in - 3 to go.....

No front springs

The difference in the springs - original versus Harvey-Bailey

Welding underneath - ouch!

The door lines up - or at least will!

Trial fitting of the racing seat - very tight

The lightweight GTA dash before preparation

Dropping in the 2000 engine and 1300 gearbox

Complete and easy to do

Old-style gear select that requires a different gearlever

The GTA-style swivelling trumpets just look fantastic....

....can't wait to hear what they sound like

The valence cooling vents

Pretty much ready for MOT & set-up before tackling outer paint

Parts fitted & Supplier

Outer, middle & inner sills - EB

Floorpans x4 - Alfaholics

Wheelarches - EB(no longer on the car)

Stainless exhaust - Alfaholics

Harvey-Bailey Suspension (no longer on the car) - EB

7" GTA Replica wheels - Alfaholics

12mm C&B cams - EB(no longer on the car)

Dellorto 45 DCOE carbs - Jamie Porter

GTA-style swivelling trumpets - EB(no longer on the car)

Standard pistons (no longer on the car) & liners - EB

Hi-Comp pistons - Classic Alfa(no longer on the car)

Engine rebuild parts - EB(no longer on the car)

Car, Engine - VeloceSport

Brembo Alfa 75 Calipers (no longer on the car) - Brian Pillans

Brembo caliper overhaul kit - IAP(no longer on the car)

Engine & LSD rebuild - Jamie Porter(no longer on the car)

Gearbox (short 5th) - Classic Alfa(no longer on the car)

GTA lightweight replica dash - Thorogood

Instruments - Classic Alfa/Titus Rowland

Engine mounts - Classic Alfa(no longer on the car)

Propshaft rebuild - Jamie Porter(no longer on the car)

Adjustable top arms - EB

Front spring pans & rubbers - EB(no longer on the car)

Rubber mats - Classic Alfa(no longer on the car)

Sparco Evo II Race seat - Demon Tweaks

Schroth Harness - Alfaholics

GTA grille set & Berlina Alfa grille - Classic Alfa

Hellebore Replica wheel - Classic Alfa(no longer on the car)

Dash switches - EB

GTA door handles & locks - Classic Alfa

Bolt-in roll cage - Fabricage

Aluminium carb mounts - EB

Ferodo brake pads - Alfaholics

Lightweight GRP doors, bonnet & bootlid - Alfaholics

Perspex side & rear windows - Alfaholics

2.1/4" front spring conversion & lower rears - Alfaholics

4-Pot brake calipers - Alfaholics

Foam-filled fuel tank - Alfaholics

Rear wings - Alfaholics

Rear inner arches - Alfaholics

Race master cylinder - Alfaholics

Red-Top fuel pump - Demon Tweeks

Regulating fuel filter - Alfaholics

Plumbed-in fire extinguisher - Rally Nuts

Oil cooler - Alfaholics

Short 4.7 diff - eBay (rebuild - Cloverleaf Transmissions)

Race gripper LSD - Alfaholics

Aluminium donut conversion - Alfaholics

Alfa 75 8-tooth Starter - Alfaholics

AP racing paddle clutch and flywheel - Alfaholics

Race engine build to 173bhp - WDL

12:1 Hi Comp pistons - Spruell Motorsport

Watts linkage kit - Alfaholics

Denso alternator - eBay

Alternator fitting kits - Alfaholics


Planned Parts (for later!)

GRP front panel