The Sister Alfa 2000 Spider Veloce

The car I did in 1995


Based upon an American doner body with UK mechanicals & interior

Smashed fan from a worn engine mount...

...and the cowel that hit

The car as I bought it - a wreck

The bits that were cut out

....and a classic Spider sill

Back from Carrosserie Rudi in Brussels

Finally back on the road after two years

The damaged paint after it was vandalised

And some idea of the effort they went to - 3500 of damage

The new arrival alongside the original (great wheels)

New doors, boot and rear wings and total paint job

Pictures of my original Spider just before I sold it in Oct 05

Lovely car - sad to see it go

but I don't have time for more than one classic Alfa

The other Spider finally ready for the road

Going to enjoy it for a Scottish summer then decide what to do with it